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Dear all,

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting crisis is affecting us all around the world. Without exception, Costa Rica too is heavily impacted. Even more so because the tourism industry counts for about 10% of the GDP. It is an important source of income for many beach- and rural communities like ours. Many people in these areas have lost their jobs, so this is a perfect moment to visit the country and through that, support these communities.


Our season will be a challenging one, but as before, we will be happy to welcome you and share the beauty of Costa Rica’s rich culture, flora and fauna with you.


If you have questions about precautions, (travel) restrictions or if you don’t feel confident about traveling, don’t hesitate to contact us. On the following pages you can inform yourself about the current situation and find tips and recommendations regarding traveling to and in Costa Rica.



Yen & Misha

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