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We are located right in between the sweet village of San Francisco de Coyote and the beautiful beach called Playa Coyote, on the Peninsula de Nicoya at the Pacific Coast.

Playa Coyote is a stunning and quiet wide beach with amazing sunsets. It's possible to swim, snorkel, rent canoes, do horseback riding, go sportfishing or just relax here. Also there are different breaks to surf, easygoing at the beach or pro breaks at the point, called Punta Coyote (a well known secret amongst the surfing community).

San Francisco the Coyote is a small village with 2 supermarkets and a few restaurants. Beware, there's no ATM here. Back to the roots.

From our gate, walk 15 minutes to the west and you will see the beach, walk 20 minutes to the east and you will find the village.

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