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Do I need a 4 x4?

If you are looking to rent a car for your adventures in Costa Rica, look no further!


We have been working together with a trustworthy and reliable car rental agency since 2 years, based in Alajuela next to the Juan Santamaría airport. It is an official car rental company but in contrast to most big rental agencies in Costa Rica they are fully transparent in their pricing. All insurances are included, no hidden fees, very good service - and the lowest pricing we have encountered in the whole country.


They also provide pick up and delivery service anywhere in the country at a decent fee, so you are not bound to their location in Alajuela. They do have normal cars for rent but we always recommend a 4x4: this is the only way to really see all of Costa Rica and especially the hidden gems.

Nomad America

We also have close ties to Nomad America.

They offer 4x4 jeep rental with rooftop tent and all camping gear included. This is about as adventurous as you can go while visiting Costa Rica. From beachfront to high up in the volcanic mountain regions, (wild)camping with a Nomad America 4x4 is the safest and most well-equipped way to have the full Costa Rican camping experience.If you are interested, contact us for help with your booking at Nomad America or book right away and use the 5% off discount code "Alouatta".


5% discount code

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